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Voyager - Virtual Daydream
Voyager - Virtual Daydream - Amazon

TRACK LIST (click each song title below for a sample)

  1. Leaving This World
  2. Through the Hourglass
  3. Cosmic Radiation
  4. Nocturne
  5. The Intergalactic Void
  6. Beyond Infinity
  7. Aurora at the Gates of Dawn
  8. Rise and Shine

Sit back and take a trip from the edge of the universe to infinity and beyond with this 2012 installment from Virtual Daydream. Suitable for all ages, Voyager takes the listener on a journey through soothing alien soundscapes to aid in relaxation, reflection, and rejuvenation. The album combines traditional instruments, synthesizers, and sound effects into an atmospheric performance composed of eight movements. Best used to help with bedtime, as a part of meditation, or just whenever you feel the need to don some headphones and embark on a sonic journey.

Alex the Seal: Kids’ Club

Kids' Club - Alex the Seal - iTunes
Kids' Club - Alex the Seal - Amazon

TRACK LIST (click each song title below to hear a sample)

  1. Introduction: How to Make a Dance Album
  2. Get Up and Dance (Freestyle Fairytale Mix)
  3. Ana Got A Tortilla (Extra Cheese, Hold the Aggro Mix)
  4. A New Adventure (Wanderlust Mix)
  5. Sit on Your Butt (Polite Mix featuring Em-o-em)
  6. Bonne Nuit, Grenouille (Rive Gauche Mix)
  7. The Flying Spaghetti Monster (True Story Mix)
  8. Telephone (Bellringer Mix)
  9. Pizza Party (Living Extra-Large Mix)
  10. Silly-Looking Robot (Real Robot Disco Dance Mix)
  11. Stinkerbelle (Timeout Mix)
  12. Peekaboo (Piaget’s Impermanence Mix)

Alex is back with a brand new album, and this time it’s heavy with beats, bass, and synth. A non-stop dance mix that will keep the kids moving and the parents smiling, Kids’ Club comes to life as Alex shows a friend that many of the sounds heard in dance songs can be made using one’s mouth, and the two of them explore various sound combinations and end up performing a piece that eventually becomes the Kids’ Club album. Kids’ Club includes songs about travel, food, and manners and contains influences from The Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Beastie Boys, Erasure, Nine Inch Nails, and many more!

Alex the Seal: Alex in Wonderland

Alex in Wonderland - Alex the Seal - iTunes
Alex in Wonderland - Alex the Seal - Amazon

TRACK LIST (click each song title below to hear a sample)

  1. Happy Birthday
  2. Heidënsique
  3. Big Bunny in my Backyard
  4. Stingray City
  5. Tom the Turkeyduck (tacchino euromix)
  6. Little Birdie
  7. Pepper in my Tail (discotron dance mix)
  8. Mr. Biv (rainbow radio mix)
  9. Word Problems
  10. Potty Time (baby seal club mix)
  11. Pop Goes the Weasel
  12. Thumb War

A fun and energetic listen for both kids and parents, Alex in Wonderland turns the standard sugar-coated children’s fare on its head to deliver a 12-pack of songs that are both edgy and educational. Alex in Wonderland begins with Alex receiving a tape recorder for his birthday, and his new gift transports him to the world of his imagination, where childhood observations are transformed from simple recordings into full-blown productions that draw from many musical and lyrical influences, including The Dead Milkmen, Violent Femmes, and New Order. From rock to calypso to punk to europop and styles in between, Alex the Seal’s music covers a wide range of sounds as he sings about many hard-hitting topics facing children, such as schoolyard games, world geography, and math.

Lost in a Daydream

Lost In a Daydream - Virtual Daydream

TRACK LIST (click each song title below for a sample)

  1. Calibrate
  2. The Winter Bell Carol
  3. Summer Shower Wind Chime
  4. Are You Sleeping?
  5. Seven Mile Sand Castles
  6. Stained Glass
  7. Campfire Memories
  8. Technopolis 2.0
  9. Rainforest Journey
  10. Music Box Lullaby
  11. Anthem of Naiades
  12. Life is but a Dream
  13. Fly Away, Little Bird

Designed to promote rest and relaxation in both adults and children, Lost in a Daydream’s combination of soft original music and environmental sound effects lulls baby to sleep while soothing mom’s and dad’s nerves. Useful not only for bedtime but also as a background for any quiet activity, parents may find that they enjoy listening to it to relax and unwind whether children are around or not.

Lost in a Daydream starts with a short track which is used to set the volume of the playback device and then continues as one unending program divided into twelve tracks. Just as the new year begins with a jubilant celebration, the main program premieres with a chorus of bells that evoke thoughts of a wintry holiday season and eventually melt into the relaxing sounds of rain. As listeners continue their journey from one environment to another, they are greeted by such sounds as waves along the shore, nighttime in the countryside, and jungle wildlife, as well as mellifluous melodies just complex enough to pique interest yet consistent and repetitive enough to promote the rest and relaxation that parents and children need and deserve.